Adoption with conditions

We occasionally look for people ( families or singles ) who wish to become “Older” together with one of our diamonds. A kennel is no longer what it used to be. Therefor, you can help us in the search for the golden mean.

Over the years we have always worked from the same point of view. That is to breed, not to long and not much with our dogs. That way, we are able to offer our boxers a cozy family situation relatively quickly. Placing our boxers has given us a close friendship with many people because this is really a trust issue: you never like to let a four-legged friend go … – neither do we. The idea of ​​parenting has grown from that idea.

Why would you parent a boxer ?

I would like to refer you to the following, more extensive, text – in which the position of a breeder is more highlighted: “Our Motivation

Don’t we all want to get away from the idea that dogs have to live in a kennel ? You may think : “Why do you keep so many boxers ? Keep fewer dogs for breeding !” Well … don’t we all want a healthy dog ​​from carefully selected bloodlines as well ? That’s where the shoe pinches : you have to have quite a few dogs to be able to select at all.

You can also do this because you don’t have time to raise a puppy yourself. Or because you just like to know that your boxer can become a mother of some super beautiful offspring. And possibly the most important reason, because you also think that every mum deserves to stay in a homely circle of other wonderful boxers.

What is the specific mean of parenting ?

The boxer, who will later become a mother (in “Van Sapho’s Hoeve”), lives with you just like any other boxer would live with you. It is not more, but certainly not less.

So, if your boxer heart is the same size as ours, please contact us and don’t forget … we like to know who you are.


The search for a difficult balance …

Candidate puppy owners are not only looking for a cozy home companion but increasingly for the absolutely perfect dog. A little fellow who is flawless – now and in the future – preferably with a lifetime warranty. That is the trend.

On the one hand, this is understandably, but at the same time unrealistic on the other. Nevertheless, a good breed breeder tries to approach this goal as closely as possible. That is not an easy task and it takes more than passion and expertise.

The chance of a healthy puppy increases if the necessary tests are carried out on parents and ancestors. That is, these tests that make sense for the breed. One breeder takes this more seriously than the other. Malicious bread breeders who sell all breeds do not care at all, of course, no more than they are concerned with exterior, character or whatever. In my opinion, they have the greatest debt to the fear that rests with the puppy buyer.

The breed breeder is the only one who cares about his breed, puppies and individual dogs: he will do everything to keep his breed as healthy as possible. However, this with the hot breath of the puppy buyers ( which really should not be here ), from various organizations and from the legislation on their backs. This is not pleasant. On the other hand, this makes a good breeder even better, he goes further and, among other things, has more tests performed on his dogs. There is a price tag attached to that, but that is not the most important.

Logically, the result of this – ever-expanding – series of tests is that more and more things are emerging that one must admit that some dog is better off not breeding. Not that these dogs are not healthy then – no, they just do not meet a standard that has been drawn up ( rightly or wrongly ) for this or that characteristic. A good breeder should be able to handle this. Meaning : keeping more young dogs so that you can make a thorough selection, because most – non-genetic – tests can only be officially performed at the age of 12 months.

However …

However, keeping more dogs is just one point where a good breed breeder is looked at. The same puppy buyer as in the beginning of the story is also he or she who asks whether all dogs are raised and kept at home.

It is impossible for a breeder to fulfill these two wishes at the same time. On the one hand the desire to keep and educate all dogs and puppies in the house and on the other hand keep a fairly large number to be able to make a necessary selection, with an eye to quality and health. It is a reflection that motivated us to search for a happy medium.

Apart from the wishes of the puppy buyer, there is our own feeling that says that we actually want to take all our boxers into our home. That is a normal human reaction, but it is simply not possible: we may be very experienced in terms of behavior, but that is exactly what tells us that this is asking for difficulties.

We also do not live in a castle, although that castle would not really be the most cozy place for our boxers. A few years ago we invested a lot of savings in a new interior and a heating system where our dogs can sleep in cold weather at a constant nice 20 degrees. In itself perfect, we think.

But we want more and better.

We want our dogs to be able to experience the daily cozy home situation. Once we can achieve that, coupled with not giving up the right form of breeding ( namely: a strong selection as a basis to give birth to healthy and correct puppies ) our intent would have been successful.

This only works through parenting !

What’s next ?

Already, some of the boxers that are part of our breeding program do not literally live in our kennel, but with a family through parenting.

For example, there is the story of someone who wanted a brindle female, only from our kennel. With each litter there was either an accident or simply no brindle bitch was born. After a year of patience, there was suddenly that one beautiful brindle female. However, she was alone and it was the mother’s last litter. Again we could not say anything other than that the bitch was not available. Very annoying for everyone – but because that person had faith in us and really had the necessary patience, we then made a proposal of parenthood.

It resulted in a mutual cooperation, a trust that is really beautiful. The current owner of this beautiful brindle female is very satisfied, he has the perfect boxer he was looking for. We ourselves are also very grateful, even more the boxer breed itself says “thank you” because this way a boxer can live in a homely atmosphere and still make a correct contribution to our wonderfully beautiful breed “THE BOXER”.

A good idea …

A feeling is never a certainty, but I am convinced that the bitch is proud and happy that she has ended up in this situation, she is somehow proud of her children and pride that only a breeder can see up close. And this thanks to a relationship between breeder and owner based on mutual trust – without which it will not work – and with some clear agreements.

We think it is a good idea to continue working like this.

In the name of all van Sapho’s Hoeve boxers,
Alexandra & Ingmar