You buy a puppy for 10 years at least, not only during the Covid-crisis when you have enough time !
IMPORTANT : Please be aware of the importrules of your country !

We do not take people on our waitinglist anymore untill the end of january. If you want to plan to have the puppy in your home after april 2021, you can do the puppy request.

Almadinaks Estafetta Yarkogo Stylia x Oleg de la Finca Sapho

Date of birth :  05/11/2020
3 fawn males 

Almadinaks Estafetta Yarkogo Stylia


Oleg de la Finca Sapho

Rusina Van Sapho’s Hoeve x Senecio Van Sapho’s Hoeve

Date of birth :  1/12/2020
1 brindle male

Rusina van Sapho’s Hoeve


Senecio van Sapho’s Hoeve


Nevada Sky de la Finca Sapho  x Playboy van Sapho’s Hoeve

Expected date of birth :  January 2021

Nevada Sky  de la Finca Sapho


Playboy van Sapho’s Hoeve